Casino Case:
Sandra N.
I love to visit the Indian Casino near me, but when I was injured there I had no idea California injury law didn’t apply to them. And none of the other lawyers I talked to knew what to do to help me. Then I found Dave. His office had the experience to deal with the Tribal Laws and worked hard to get me a fair settlement. Now I’m back to enjoying my visits to my favorite Indian Casino, knowing that if I ever have another problem Dave is there to help.

Casino Case: 
Aubrey G.
I couldn’t believe it when I took a nasty fall at the Indian Casino near me. They denied responsibility for my fall and refused to acknowledge my claim. The other lawyers I talked to were clueless, because the Tribe was a “Sovereign Nation” like a separate country, where our State law didn’t apply. Then I found Dave. I told him what had happened and he took my case. They tried to stonewall him too, but he knew what to do. Pull the choke chain tight, and get their attention. And that’s what he did. Once we had their attention, Dave got me a fair settlement.

Trip and Fall: 
Betty A.
For year I’ve been an active member in my home owners association. One evening, when I went to an association  meeting at a new location, I came out of the building and, in the dimly lit area, took a nasty fall, landing face first in the parking lot.  Ouch! Well, several surgeries later, and after a year of the people who were responsible for this location promising to help me and not doing anything, I called Dave. His office took over my case and fought for a fair settlement.

Danny & Jesse G.
Jesse: A few years ago, I was injured in an accident. Dave was there to help, and now I’m in pretty good shape.
Danny: Yes, my son, Jesse was hurt, hurt bad. Over 20 days in intensive care and my family was scared to death. Shortly after the accident, I called Dave and we spoke about the pain a parent feels when their child is the victim of an accident. Dave fought for us, and got a good settlement which will protect my son for his life. This is important to me as a Dad, because when I’m gone, I know my son will still have the settlement Dave got for him to help out and take care of him.
Jesse: Yeah, well let’s just say “Dave got me….well, maybe more than you know who.”

Fishing Fall:
Rick G.
Dave kids me about being his perennial client because of the cases which I have sent to him from my family, friends, and relatives. But there was a reason- Dave has always been there when I need to speak with my lawyer. Even when I had no case going, but just need to talk to a lawyer, Dave was available. When I took a tumble getting off the fishing boat, Dave took the case because of the way the ramp was designed. We won the case, and I got a fair settlement. And we go to Angels games together- but my wife has better seats than Dave!

Michael M.
Years ago, I had case with another lawyer that wasn’t going to well. I called Dave and explained the problem. He took over and found out about settlement money the other lawyer got, that I didn’t even know existed, and got the other lawyer to give it back to me where it belonged. After that, Dave worked on getting me a fair settlement, and with that, plus the money the other lawyer tried to hide from me, we were able to settle my case fairly. Since then, I have called Dave whenever I had a legal question. When my 84 year old mom was in an accident, I sent her to Dave to help find a doctor and get her a good settlement.  A good lawyer is someone to stick with.

Raymond R.
I couldn’t believe the way I was treated  when I got a serious back injury after being  rear ended by this 17 year old kid recklessly driving Daddy’s Escalade. The kid made up some BS story for the police, which they ignored and cited him anyway,  and then his doctor- father, who as a medical person should have known better,  tried to act like it was no big deal. But Dave understood how serious the injury was and filed suit. He took the kid’s deposition and exposed what a drone the kid was, and then went after dad. A few months later, the insurance company was finally offering a fair settlement, I suppose so the jury wouldn’t see what an obnoxious creeps father and son were. Oh, and Dave and I still manage to get an Angel’s game in for a businessman’s special. I like the seats!