Pets can be great companions, but they can also sometimes be unpredictable. Generally speaking, pet owners are responsible for injury to another from an attack by their dog. Certain breeds have demonstrated a propensity for aggressive behavior resulting in some homeowners insurance companies to take dog ownership into consideration when evaluating the homeowner’s risk as an insured.

Person’s injured by a dog bite which punctures the skin should not take the matter lightly, no matter how slight the wound. A puncture wound is cause to see the doctor for a proper medical evaluation to prevent against more serious injury or complications from the bite.

Although the rules concerning dog bite liability are somewhat different for landlords, when a victim of a dog bite is seriously injured by a tenant’s pet, the landlord may also be responsible for the injury. Settlements of $100,000.00, or more are not unusual for a serious injury dog bite especially if disfiguration accompanies the injury. A seasoned attorney with experience in this area can greatly assist in obtaining a successful outcome and good recovery for the victim.